The first scholarship award of $100.00 was given to Lauren Monks in 1984.  Records indicate that In
1985 one award was given to Jeffrey Thibodeau (uncertain amount).

In 1988 the club re-established its scholarship awards and appointed a committee of five members to
administer it annually.

June 1989     The Scholarship Committee awarded the Memorial Horticultural Award of  $500.00 to
 Ms. Karlene Allen, an employee of Ocean Edge to help pay for a 2-month class in
 Turf Management.  Award was financed by the sales of the Club CookbooK

Spring  90     Two scholarships of $500.00 each were awarded to:
       Deborah Harrigan, a Brewster resident who ran a garden service.
       Christopher Williams, a forester working at Nickerson State Park

Spring  91     Derek Cash, a June graduate who will attend the College of the Atlantic.  $500.00

Spring  92     Keith Rupert, a self-employed landscaper.  This year the scholarship was funded by
the spring plant sale

Spring  93     Dana Jason Condit who plans to attend Unity College in Maine and major in
conservation law

April 1994   The club voted to award two scholarships of $1,000 each because of the number and
quality of the applicants and because the Civic Projects budget contained over $4,000.
Winners were:
          Darrell Marcinek for study of plant and soil sciences at UMass, Amherst
          Stanley Grabowski, owner of Gardens Unlimited in Brewster for working
          toward a Horticultural Certificate at Cape Cod Community College

Spring  95     Darell Marcinek again.  $1000.00

Spring  96     Two scholarships of $1,000 each to
           Sean Patterson, studying landscape architecture at UMass.
           Cinnamon Swable, owner of Gardens Unlimited in Brewster for working toward
           a Horticultural Certificate at Cape Cod Community Colleg.

Spring  97     Vanessa Johnson, a Yale graduate student in forestry. $1000.00

Spring  98     Dustin Johnson   $1000.00   UMass.

Spring  99     Dustin Johnson   $1000.00   UMass.

Spring  2000     Andrew Azinger   $1000.   A Junior at SUNY/Cobbleskill
Spring  2001     Anika Hedin   $2000.    Nauset High graduate heading to BU to study biology

Spring  2002     Stephen Glasheen    $1000   Nauset High School graduate heading to
     Philadelphia University to study biology.

Spring  2003     Alita Pedley   $1000    Nauset High School graduate

Spring  2004     Tyler Dailey   $1000    Nauset High School graduate

Spring  2005      Coty Taylor (Ms)    $2000    Nauset High School graduate

Spring  2006     Elizabeth Ann Eschu  $1000   Nauset High School graduate

Spring  2007     no award given

Spring  2008     Two scholarships of $2000 each were awarded to:
                        Zachary Buckley, Cape Cod Tech grad attending Sterling College (VT)
                                 majoring in conservation ecology
                        Caitlin Carr, Nauset H. S. graduate attending Smith in biology

Spring  2009    Rydell Welch (Ms)   $2000  Univ. of Vermont

Spring  2010    Grace Coburn   $2000   Nauset High School graduate going to study plant
                        biology at UMass Amherst  (originally Univ. of VT)

Spring  2011     Abigail Erickson   $2000   Nauset High School graduate  

Spring  2012     Trevor Thomas   $2000   Nauset High School graduate going to  Colby College
                           to  study environmental science and law

Spring 2013      Casey Pimental   $2000  Nauset High School graduate going to Clark University
                              in Worcester. She is majoring in Marine Biology.

Spring  2014   Meghan Carr    $2000    Nauset High School graduate going to the University of New
                            Hampshire to study Marine, Estuarine, and freshwater Biology

Spring 2015   Christopher Wingard    $3000    Nauset High School graduate, class of 2014.
                           Environmental Science at Tufts University

Spring 2016    Coleen Curley     $2000     A mature student who has just graduated from UMASS
                         Amherst with a BA in Landscape Design.  She will pursue graduate work at the
                         Conway School of Ecological Landscape Design and Planning in the fall.  
                         The award was in the amount of $2000 shared equally by Garden Club of
                         Brewster and the Brewster Conservation Trust.

Spring 2017 Halley Steinmetz, UMass Amherst Natural Resources Conservation major
                        Scholarship co-sponsored by the Garden Club and the Brewster Conservation Trust

Pictured (left to right) are
Suzanne Sullivan, Scholarship
Chair, Meghan Carr
and MaryAnn Vetrano, President.
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                                     SCHOLARSHIP GUIDELINES

PURPOSE:        The Garden Club of Brewster will award one or more scholarships each year to
a Brewster resident for the purpose of continuing education in the field of landscape design,
horticulture, conservation, environmental science, marine or related sciences.  The number of
scholarships and the amount to be given will be determined each year by the Garden Club
Executive Board.

ELIGIBILITY:        To be eligible, one must be a Brewster resident who is currently working in
and/or studying or planning to study landscape design, horticulture, conservation,
environmental science, marine science or related subjects.  The applicant must be enrolled in
college or vocational education.

AWARD:        The amount of the scholarship award is determined each year by the Garden
Club of Brewster.  It is awarded to one student and will be paid to the student at the beginning
of his or her second semester. (The student must have successfully completed one semester of
higher education).

REFERENCES:      Applications are available at Nauset Regional High School and from the
Scholarship Committee of the Garden Club.  

Applicants should complete the Scholarship form and mail it with a minimum of two references
and a transcript of your secondary school record to:
                                                   Garden Club of Brewster
                                                   Scholarship Committee
                                                   P.O. Box 1414
                                                   Brewster, MA   02631