The Garden Club's
cookbook "
A Taste
of Brewste
r,"  makes
a great gift.  You can
buy them at our
meetings or by mail.  
To purchase, please
mail a request and a
check for $12.00
plus $2.70 for
shipping and handling
to :
The Garden Club
of Brewster
P. O  Box 1414
MA   02631
Please make checks
out to "Garden Club
of Brewster"
Need Stationery?
Contact Mary

Budding Ideas Editor -- Anne Southworth     
Civic Projects -- Gerry Emmert
Communications -- Mary Biondi and Judy Busam
Conservation -- Alyce Favreau and Durkie Van Antwerp
Education Grants -- Kathleen Weyman and Mary Mumford
Horticultural Education -- Joan McCormick and Louise Crane
Hospitality -- Alice Halla and Sharon Gorman
Membership -- Janet Husband and Donna Potts
Program -- Irma Rendina and Dirkie Van Antwerp
Publicity  -- Julie Deloye
Publicity (photos) -- Donna Hill
Remembrance -- Donna Hill
Scholarship -- Suzanne Sullivan

Special Committee Chairs for 2014-2015
Annual Luncheon -- Diana Ovian
Auditor -- Anne O’Connell
By-Laws  --  Suzanne Sullivan and Gail Hanson
Community Holiday Decorations-- Dottie Barnard and
Anne O’Connell
Cookbook Revision -- Mary Ann Vetrano
Cookbook Sales  -- Pat McLeod
December Luncheon -- Sheila Anderson and Sheila Garran
Game Day -- Gerry Emmert
Finance Committee -- Julie Mahoney
Plant and Bake Sale -- “Sam” Gardiner and Ronnie Dickens
Website -- Janet Husband
Yearbook -- Julie Mahoney
Garden Club of Brewster

 Committees are the life blood of our organization.  That's how
we get things done. Members are expected to join one
our club active, serve our community and make friends.   See
the link below for details about what each committee does.
GreenCAPE is
a local group  
the use of
products. To
go to their
click here.
Standing Committee Chairs for 2014-2015
Board meeting

Brewster Town
Hall 9:30-11 am.
This is our members' information page.  Here you
will find information about what makes us tick.