Standing Committees

Budding Ideas
Budding Ideas is our newsletter.  It is distributed to members at each meeting and mailed to those who
could not attend.  The Editor attends Executive Board meetings to gather news and information about
coming events.  She writes the text, adds photos or graphics if needed.  Then she takes the master
copy to a printer to have a sufficient number printed.  She distributes
Budding Ideas at the
meeting, notes the sign-in sheets for names of absentees and mail the newsletter out to them.

Civic Projects  
Over the years our Garden Club has donated plants, trees and garden items to the town.  The civic
projects committee is in charge of seeing that these remain sites of beauty.  The committee currently
maintains nine sites around town.  The chairperson organizes teams of members and assigns them a
particular site.  In spring, they meet at the site to clean up winter debris and at plant annuals or more
perennials.  Then the team members take turns tending the site all summer.  Some sites only need
watering, some need weeding and dead-heading.   This is a large committee so that the amount of
work is not overwhelming for any individual.  Please consider signing-up for this committee
in addition
another one.  Many hands make light work.  Your help to keep Brewster beautiful is much needed. It
is a great way to contribute to the town in a meaningful way.  

Members of the communications committee send a postcard or an email reminding members of each
upcoming meeting, giving and any special, last minute instructions that may be necessary or providing
information about other events.  The committee may be asked to send out special notices.  Requests
for special notices should be approved by the President.

The conservation committee keeps an eye on national, state and local issues concerning the
environment in order to alert the membership if action is needed.  The committee chair brings this
information to our attention by speaking at meetings.  Some town warrant articles, for example, might
need our support (or opposition).  The committee also keeps us informed of news from local
organizations such as the Association to Preserve Cape Cod and the Brewster Conservation Trust
(both of which the club belongs to and contributes $50.00 to each annually).  In recent years Brewster
has held a town-wide Conservation Day and the club has participated.  The conservation committee is
responsible for coordinating this event with club members volunteering.

Horticultural Education  
This committee does a variety of things:
  • They write the Horticultural Hints in the Yearbook.
  •  At each meeting a member presents an informational "horticultural minute."
  • Every year they decorate a Christmas tree for the Brewster Ladies' Library.
  • Every year they choose the winner of the Annual Beautification Award and present a certificate.
  • And every summer, they arrange a tour of members' gardens.

The hospitality committee is responsible for supplying refreshments at our meetings.  A chair is
assigned for each month, and she organizes the team of cooks and bakers (already assigned by
month).   The chair phones team members and arranges what each is to bring.  She gets to the
meeting early to set up the refreshment table and start coffee and tea.  Her team helps organize
place mats, paper goods, cream, lemon, etc.  One member brings a floral centerpiece.  After the
meeting, the chair and team members clean up and stow away the equipment.

The membership committee keeps accurate and up-to-date records of membership and attendance.
They supply name tags for members and applications for new members; they work at the
registration table to greet members and guests.  At each meeting the Membership chair introduces
new members and gives them a welcome gift.  She is also in charge of committee sign-up every year.

The work of the program committee starts early because next year's schedule of speakers must be set
in time to go into the yearbook.  Committee members meet and discuss various speakers that they
have heard or that have been recommended.  They decide on a tentative list, then the chair contacts
the speakers and arranges date, time, and payment.  The Chair prints up flyers for distribution around
town. Beginning in October, members of the committee take turns introducing each speaker, then
thanking and paying each.  Speakers are also given a complementary copy of our Cookbook.  At the
end of the year, the Program committee may distribute an evaluation questionnaire to gauge member
reaction.  Then it is time to start the process all over again for the next year.

The publicity chair writes and mails or emails news releases about each Garden Club meeting to local
newspapers and radio stations.  She may be asked to publicize special events or activities--preferably
with an accompanying photo. (Some committees do their own publicity). Keeping our club in the public
eye is a way of attracting new members and gaining the respect of the town.  The publicity committee
may have an archivist to keep a scrapbook of Garden Club activities.

This committee, usually a small one, is responsible for sending get well cards, plants and/or
condolence cards to Garden Club members and their families.  The chair relies on all club members to
relay relevant information to her.  She also keeps members informed by announcing at meetings when
a fellow member is in need of support and good cheer

Special Committees

Annual Luncheon
This committee plans our club's annual luncheon in June.  They evaluate and choose a local
restaurant.  Then they contract with the restaurant for the date, time, number of attendees, and cost.  
They they produce and distribute a registration form to each member.  They collect pre-payment and
tally food choices, coordinate with and pay the restaurant and purchase floral table decorations which
will also serve as door prizes.  On the day of the luncheon, committee members arrive early, set up a
registration table with name tags and raffle tickets and greet attendees.  After lunch, they raffle off the
door prizes.

The Auditor (usually only one person) reviews the club's finances annually and advises the Treasurer.

The Bylaws committee keeps track of changes that may be necessary and advises the Executive
Board.  Together they formulate changes and vote to approve them.  In April, the proposed changes
are presented to the membership, with explanations of any background.  Member's questions are
answered.  Then at the May meeting, a vote is taken.      

Community Holiday Decorations  
The co-chairs of this committee organize a workshop in November (usually at the VFW Hall) and invite
members to come and help make and install seasonal holiday decorations for the street signs along
6A and public buildings in Brewster.  Members bring fresh greens.  Supplies and bows are provided by
the committee.

Cookbook Sales  
This committee (usually only one person) stores copies of the club's cookbook, "A Taste of Brewster,"
and sees that local merchants (primarily the Brewster General Store) are well supplied.  She keeps
track of our stock and tells the Executive Board when more need to be printed.  She also brings copies
to sell at meetings and various club functions.

Education Grants  
The Garden Club started a new program of annual grants to Brewster's elementary schools to support
garden related special activities.  The chair of this committee delivers applications to the schools and
serves a liaison for the grants.  Applications are reviewed by an ad hoc committee and award
recommendations are presented to the Executive Board.

Festival of Tables  
The Festival of Tables is presented in odd numbered years (alternating with Game Day).  The event
is usually held at the Ladies Library during the Chamber of Commerce's
Brewster for the Holidays
weekend.  The co-chairs coordinate the event.  Twenty club members volunteer to create a themed
table setting--with cloth, napkins, china, serving dishes, candles, etc. and a coordinating live flower
arrangement.  Themes can be holidays, special events such as wedding anniversaries, or something
more creative. The public is invited, refreshments are served.  A donation of $5.00 at the door is

Finance Committee  
Always chaired by the Treasurer, this ad hoc committee prepares an annual budget in March and
presents it to the membership at the April meeting, to be voted on at the May meeting.  The committee
advises the Executive Board and the membership about all financial matters.

Holiday Luncheon
In recent years the Club has decided to have its December meeting at a restaurant (specifically
Brewster's Captain's Golf course restaurant).  Duties are similar to those of the Annual Luncheon
committee, i.e., arrange the location, menu, etc.  Distribute a registration form to members and collect
pre-payment.  Make or purchase floral decorations which serve as door prizes.  On the day of the
luncheon, committee members arrive early, set up a registration table with name tags and raffle tickets
and greet attendees.  An abbreviated business meeting is held and the speaker is introduced after

Plant and Bake Sale  
This committee is responsible for organizing and managing the Plant and Bake sale held annually in
June.  All club members are expected to contribute at least 6 sizeable, healthy, well-rooted plants and
one baked good for this effort.  Committee members work in groups at various tasks--publicity, set-up,
pricing, sales, cleanup, cashier and general helpers.  Volunteers from the club are scheduled to help
for several hours during the day of the sale and the day of preparation before.

The club offers an annual scholarship to graduating Brewster seniors.  The amount and number of
scholarships may vary as voted by the Executive Boad.  Recipients must be studying in a field related
to gardening: conservation, landscape design, ecology, etc.  The chair of this committee
takes applications to the local schools and colleges and publicizes the scholarship.  With committee
members, she reviews the applicants and selects a winner who is announced at the annual luncheon.
The check is presented to the winner after his or her first completed semester of schooling.  A photo of
the presentation is taken for publicity.  

Maintains the website started in 2008.  Its goal is to provide information and photos about the Club and
its activities to club members and to the public.  The website contains information about meetings,
membership, programs, history, bylaws and special events.

This Committee produces the Annual Yearbook which is distributed at the first meeting in the fall.  It
contains a schedule of programs, list of officers and committee members, bylaws, directory of
members, and many other items of information.  The chair must gather information from numerous
committees, do the fact checking, typesetting, proofreading and graphic design.  The master is then
taken to a printer.