Beautification Award

Brewster Garden Club’s Beautification Award has been given annually for the last 20 years to a
Brewster business or individual whose garden is in a location which can be viewed and
appreciated by the general public.  The purpose of the award is to encourage residents and
businesses to keep Brewster’s highways and byways flowering and beautiful for all to enjoy.  
Winners are chosen by the Horticultural Education Committee.


2013   Mary and George Boyd, owners
         of the Strawberry Patch, for their
         outstanding spring display of

2012   Captains' Golf Course

2011   Ocean Edge

2010   Karen and Rich Keevers, owners
         of the Old Manse Inn at 1861 Main

                                                                                         Left to right:  Mary Ann Vetrano, George Boyd, Joan McCormick
                                                                                         and Louise Crane

2009   Cheryl and Michael DiVito, owners of Michael's Cottages.

2008   Jeff and Eileen Smith, owners of the Handcraft House.

2007  The Bramble Inn
2006  Satucket Farm Market
2005  Crocker Nursery
2004  Waynes Antiques
2003  Brewster Bookstore
2002  Blue Cedar Bed and Breakfast
2001  Brewster Ladies Library
2000  Wisteria House
1999  Joan Paine
1998  Pat McLoud
1997  Sea Pines Condominium
1996  Candleberry Inn
1995  Hopkins House
1994  Linda's Originals
1993  Lemon Tree Shops
1992  Isaiah Clark House
1991  Christian Science Church
1989  Allards Garage
1987  Rose Forge
Education Grants   (Click here for an Application Form)

The Garden Club began giving Educational grants (to total $1,000 per year) to the town's
Elementary schools in 2008.  Winners are selected among the proposals received from teachers
at the schools.  The funds support special programs related to nature, biology, the environment
and gardening with an aim to foster student interest in the natural world around them. Winners are
chosen by the School Grant Committee with approval by the Executive Board.

2008-9   Eddy Elementary School.  Rebecca
McVickar and Debra Bergstrom. Garden and
Recycling Club.

2009-10   Eddy Elementary School.  Rebecca
McVickar. Garden and Recycling Club.

2009-10   Eddy Elementary School. Catherine
Stratico.   3rd and 5th grade study
of  plant life.

                                                                                                               Left to right:  Maureen Perri, Debra Bergstrom,
                                                                                                               Rebecca McVickar, Gerry Emmert.

2009-10  Stony Brook Elementary School.  Joanne Borsari and Donna Freenelli. Memorial garden

2010-11   Eddy Elementary School. Catherine Stratico.  Fifth grade plant biology curriculum and
recycling project.  

2011-12  Stony Brook Elementary School. Kathy Hanno.n
First grade plant life project.

2011-12   Eddy Elementary School.  Debra Bergstrom,
Grade 5 science and Recycling Club.

2001-12  Eddy Elementary School. Catherine Stratico,
Grade 5 science project.

2012-13  Eddy Elementary School.  Catherine Stratico,
Grade 5 science project.
 Kathleen Weyman presents check
                                                                                                                                to Heather Holcomb-Jones

2012-13  Stony Brook Elementary School.  Heather Holcomb-Jones, Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd
science project