Garden Club of Brewster
                          Education Grant Application

Grants of up to $500 are offered to a Brewster Elementary school teacher(s)
for use during the school year for a hands-on educational unit involving
either botany/plant life and /or the environment.  Special consideration
will be given to those projects that imaginatively and creatively foster
a child's interest in the natural beauty and wildlife of our community and
the importance of preserving it.  A garden club member will be designated
as a liaison with the teacher during the project.  Upon completion of the
project, we would request that the teacher provide the club with a brief
evaluation of the project.

Please complete the application and return it to:
Garden Club of Brewster, P.O. 1414, Brewster, MA  02631

Name(s): _____________________________________________________________

School: ______________________________________________________________

Grade: __________________________

Approximate number of students involved in project: ________________

Date when funds are needed: _________________________

Description of project:  (Use additional sheet if needed)

Detailed budget explaining how money would be used:  
(Use additional sheet if needed)